New Wine Regions

We are happy to present you our new wine regions which are defining our wine list and menu for the next three months. Discover the character and quality of our four winegrowing areas Wachau, Rheinhessen, Mosel and Nahe.

Winegrower Parties

Every three months we present four new German winegrowing areas and completely change our menu and our drinks list for the next quarter. To mark the new quarter, a winegrower party is always on Elbchaussee with wines that we think are superb. Find out more here.



An appealing bar and place where the hosts understand wine. Young winemakers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Alsace and southern Tyrol have found their place in Kleines Jacob wine bar on Elbchaussee. We believe variety is the spice of life. So we'll be introducing four new winemakers and their winegrowing areas with a chance to try the wine and food typical of their regions four times a year.



A wine bar that focuses on four regions. Take a glance here at our wines and accompanying dishes. Why not try something new or look forward to a favourite dish - from light snacks to tartes flambés? It'll be worth your while because we change our wine list and our menu every three months.



Four regions define our wine list and menu for three months at a time. Discover the character and quality of our four winegrowing areas and winemakers here.



Alsace’s winegrowing area is located between the Rhine and the Vosges mountains in the east of France and covers a total of 15,000 hectares. The first grands crus, in other words premier vineyards, were approved in 1975, but strangely the first 25 weren’t named until 1983. Only four grape varieties are specified for the grand cru vineyards: the gewürztraminer, pinot gris, muscat and riesling. In addition to these well-known wines, the focus is also placed on the crémant d’Alsace.

Gresser vineyard

The Gresser family came to the Alsace from Switzerland in the 14th century. The range of Alsatian grape varieties allows us through geo-sensory tasting to select the plant that expresses the terroir’s identity. Respectful biodynamic agriculture, carefully hand-picked, healthy and mature grapes and a natural way of making the wine are required to achieve a pure expression of the aromatic grape and the purity of the terroir.



At 14,500 hectares, Burgenland is located in the east of Austria and on the outskirts of the Hungarian lowlands and is the country’s second largest winegrowing region. It’s divided into four areas: Südburgenland, Mittelburgenland, Neusiedler-Hügelland and Lake Neusiedl. A continental and hot Pannonian climate prevails here, which, alongside complex white and sweet wines, also produces red wines full of body.

Wagentristl vineyard

The vineyard’s grapes are cultivated on the slopes of the Leitha Mountains, or in Grosshöflein to be more precise. The vineyard has been owned by the Wagentristl family since 1888. In the past, the family mostly farmed the land but it increasingly concentrated on growing wine over the decades. Rudi Wagentristl took over the business from his parents in 2014. Since then, he has tenaciously pursued his goal of creating structured wines with a unique character and body. As demonstrated by the numerous awards he’s garnered, he knows how to get the best out of the regional microclimate and the various types of soil.



Wine has been cultivated over more than 11,000 hectares in Württemberg since the 2nd century. The attractive area extends between north Kocher-Jagst-Tauber that connects with the Franconia winegrowing area and along the Neckar Valley to Heilbronn and Stuttgart all the way to Tübingen. The best wines are produced from riesling, blaufränkisch and trollinger grapes. Most of the soils are dominated by shell limestone and keuper.

Escher vineyard

The family-owned vineyard is located in the Rems Valley and three generations of Eschers have now been cultivating wine using their skills and passion for the product. Our love of nature, our grape varieties and, above all, wine are what motivate us each year anew. The vineyards are spread over 15 hectares in the whole of the Rems Valley over seven hills including the sun-kissed areas of Hertmannsweiler (Himmelreich), Korb (Sommerhalde), Neustadt (Söhrenberg), Hanweiler (Berg), Steinreinach (Hörnle), Bürg (Schlossberg) and in Stetten (Pulvermächer). Sowing plant mixes in bloom, adding compost, cultivating wine in an environmentally friendly way, introducing beneficial insects such as earthworms and mesostigmatae are what our quality is founded on.



Saxony is one of Germany’s most northerly winegrowing areas and is, alongside Saale-Unstrut, one of the new federal states following reunification. The best microclimate for the grapes in Saxony is provided along Saxony’s wine route on the protected slopes of the Elbe. The climate, the intensive sunshine and the granite and syenite weathered soils, which quickly heat up, produce fruity wines with an acidity typical of the area and a unique and exclusive character.

Matyas vineyard

Matyas is a family-owned vineyard with about 7 hectares planted with vines, which was started by Ingeborg and Matyas Probocskai at the foot of the Friede forest in Coswig. The love of nature, grapes and wine and the expertise resulting from longstanding experience with cultivating wine and vinification are the pillars on which the vineyard is based. In September 2014, the couple handed on the baton to the next generation. Since then, their daughter Andrea Leder and her young team consisting of cellar master Hendrik Weber and winemaker Klaus Mehlig have been carrying on the parents’ vision.


The location is superb, the atmosphere relaxed and so much more than just a table for four. You can book Kleines Jacob exclusively for a few hours for an unforgettable birthday party, a business anniversary, or an enjoyable family event. You can have our down-to-earth cabin-like room all to yourself with the seating you require. It's difficult to imagine a cosier evening with guests and a glass of wine.



Indulge in some pleasurable moments in the wine bar by attending our winemakers' party that takes place every quarter, or by enjoying one of our cosy, casual wine and conversation evenings, or other exciting events. Take your pick of an event to suit your taste.



Every three months we present four new German winegrowing areas and completely change our menu and our drinks list for the next quarter. To mark the new quarter, a winegrower party is always on Elbchaussee with wines that we think are superb. At the party up-and-coming winemakers present their wines on their own stands. Sample, discover and then find your favourite wine. You can also choose from food typical of the new regions.

Friday, 18 January 2019:
Waldschütz/Kamptal, Elisabeth/Weinviertel, Proppe/Saale Unstrut, Franzen/Moselle


Parties start at 6.30 pm

€59 per person

Make reservations by calling: + 49 (0)40 822 55 510

Wine evenings


Wine drinkers are a convivial crowd – and that goes for us too. Which is why from September onwards, our popular wine and conversation evenings at Kleines Jacob wine bar will again be a regular event. Get to know interesting winemakers, discover and savour new wines

December 12th 2018 – Willems-Willems vineyard / Saar

They start at 7 p.m.

Price per person €59, including all wines, food and entertainment

Make reservations by mailing

or calling + 49 (0)40/822 55-510.


Kleines Jacob Wine bar

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You can find Kleines Jacob wine bar in the most attractive part of Hamburg. Because a Hamburg business steeped in tradition does of course require a befitting address. Situated on the world-famous Elbchaussee, our wine bar in Nienstedten isn’t just very attractive, it's also easy to get to.


Take S-bahn 1 towards Blankenese /Wedel and get out at the Hochkamp stop. It's about 15 minutes' walk from there.


Take express bus 36, or route 286 to the Sieberlingstrasse stop, from there it's about 100 m to our bar.


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