New Wine Regions

We are happy to present you our new wine regions which are defining our wine list and menu for the next three months. Discover the character and quality of our four winegrowing areas Weinviertel, Southern Tyrol, Saale-Unstrut and Rheinhessen.

Winegrower Parties

Every three months we present four new German winegrowing areas and completely change our menu and our drinks list for the next quarter. To mark the new quarter, a winegrower party is always on Elbchaussee with wines that we think are superb. Find out more here.



An appealing bar and place where the hosts understand wine. Young winemakers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Alsace and southern Tyrol have found their place in Kleines Jacob wine bar on Elbchaussee. We believe variety is the spice of life. So we'll be introducing four new winemakers and their winegrowing areas with a chance to try the wine and food typical of their regions four times a year.

Closed every first Wednesday of the month


A wine bar that focuses on four regions. Take a glance here at our wines and accompanying dishes. Why not try something new or look forward to a favourite dish - from light snacks to tartes flambés? It'll be worth your while because we change our wine list and our menu every three months.



Four regions define our wine list and menu for three months at a time. Discover the character and quality of our four winegrowing areas and winemakers here.



The largest winegrowing area stretches from the Danube in the south to the Czech border in the north, from Manhartsberg in the west to the Slovakian border in the east. Weinviertel is characterised by hot summer days, cold winters and very little rain. The very swift change from winter to spring is however particularly noticeable. When it does rain then it’s usually in the summer when rainfall is brief and heavy with plenty of thunder. The region doesn’t usually suffer from extended periods of rain or vast amounts of snow in the winter.

Zuschmann Schöfmann vineyard

The Zuschmann Schöfmann vineyard is located in Martinsdorf in Weinviertel in Austria. Weinviertel is Austria’s biggest winegrowing area and just 20 minutes away from Vienna by car. Else Zuschmann and Peter Schöfmann have been cultivating the 16-hectare vineyard since the beginning of the new millennium. They take a laid-back approach to their profession which is reflected in the timeless wines. As is usual in this region, the Green Veltliner accounts for about 60% of all wine produced. But the two of them are just as skilled at the vinification of their reds. In addition to the Zweigelt they also have types like St. Laurent and pinot noir which are usually grown more to the south. The Zweigelt Klassik, a harmonious and uncomplicated example, proves that Else Zuschmann and Peter Schöfmann are also past masters at this type of vine.



The range of different wines in southern Tyrol is huge due to an excellent good terroir and mild climate. Over 20 different white and red wines are cultivated at 200 to 1,000 metres. More than 1,800 hours of sunshine per year ensure ideal conditions for the grapes to ripen, but also mean that artificial irrigation is required. The southern Tyrol is primarily known for its excellent white wines. Particularly popular are the pinot blanc, Sauvignon blanc and Gewürztraminer. But good red wines also come from the southern Tyrol. Vernatsch and Lagrein are especially common.

Pfitscher vineyard

Distinctive and full of character are adjectives that best describe our wines. And we too are distinctive and full of character. We scrutinise every step of the process to ensure we use resources sparingly. This concept is the cornerstone of our work in the vineyard. Each process is analysed and maximum potential gained from every area. We take a down-to-earth, yet passionate approach to everything we do, but are innovative and respect the environment around us at the same time. Our goal is to preserve the tradition we’ve practised for generations and to constantly improve. About 30 years ago my wife Monika and I started vinification of increasingly superior wines, consistently placing quality over quantity. By dint of hard work our family-run company is now at the forefront of southern Tyrolean winegrowers and has won several awards and top commendations. Our goals are to continue stable growth but stay a small, sophisticated and independent vineyard at the same time. We want a secure future for our children Daniel, Hannes and Marion.



Saale-Unstrut is Europe’s most northern winegrowing region. It’s located beyond the 51st line of latitude which is considered the global winegrowing territory’s frontier. The vineyards cover three German states. Over 90% of these are situated in Saxony-Anhalt, the rest in Thuringia and just a few hectares in Brandenburg. Traditionally dry wines, with a finely nuanced fruitiness and crispness typical of the region, are the area’s trademarks. At approx. 750 hectares it’s one of Germany’s smaller winegrowing areas.

Böhme & Töchter vineyard

Our family has been making wine since 1986. Three generations work together to produce wine in our little vineyard on the Saale and Unstrut rivers in the region’s exceptional locations. Our grapes grow in Freyburger Schweigenburg in an area of around four hectares and are pressed and produced in our own cellars. Böhme & Töchter combine longstanding experience in cultivating wines with new approaches to a craft steeped in tradition.



Grapes cover about 20% of Rheinhessen, or a quarter of Germany’s entire winegrowing area. On average over two million hectolitres of wine are produced annually by around 3,500 Rheinhessen winegrowers. Two thirds of the wines cultivated are white. The most popular varieties are Müller-Thurgau, Dornfelder, Silvaner and Riesling.

Rettig vineyard

Superior wines aren’t produced in the cellar, but in the vineyard. Rettig vineyard is already being run by the third generation of the family. Instinct and skill are employed to make the wines what they were intended to be: honest varieties full of character and with their own personalities. The various soils and microclimates in the Westhofen winegrowing areas are the perfect starting points. Due to limestone deposits in the excellent Morstein and Steingrube locations, the Rettigs’ Rieslings have an exceptional minerality and distinctiveness. The burgundies in particular thrive in the loess loam soil of the warm Aulerde region where they develop ripe fruity aromas and that certain mellowness. In other words they are wines that reflect their terroirs and are fun to drink.


The location is superb, the atmosphere relaxed and so much more than just a table for four. You can book Kleines Jacob exclusively for a few hours for an unforgettable birthday party, a business anniversary, or an enjoyable family event. You can have our down-to-earth cabin-like room all to yourself with the seating you require. It's difficult to imagine a cosier evening with guests and a glass of wine. Find out more: Events flyer



Indulge in some pleasurable moments in the wine bar by attending our winemakers' party that takes place every quarter, or by enjoying one of our cosy, casual wine and conversation evenings, or other exciting events. Take your pick of an event to suit your taste.



Every three months we present four new German winegrowing areas and completely change our menu and our drinks list for the next quarter. To mark the new quarter, a winegrower party is always on Elbchaussee with wines that we think are superb. At the party up-and-coming winemakers present their wines on their own stands. Sample, discover and then find your favourite wine. You can also choose from food typical of the new regions.

Friday, 7 October 2016:
Baden, Ahr, Burgenland and Württemberg
Friday, 6 January 2017:
Rhinehessen, Saale-Unstrut, South Tyrol and Weinviertel
Friday, 7 March 2017:
Moselle, Palatinate, Carnuntum and Franconia


Parties start at 6.30 pm

€49 per person

Make reservations by calling: + 49 (0)40 822 55 510



Wine drinkers are a convivial crowd – and that goes for us too. Which is why from September onwards, our popular wine and conversation evenings at Kleines Jacob wine bar will again be a regular event. Get to know interesting winemakers, discover and savour new wines

November 16th 2016 - Weingut Judith Beck, Burgenland

December 14th 2016 - Neverland Vineyards, Rhinehessen

February 15th 2017 - Vineyard Lauermann & Weyer, Palatinate

March 15th 2017 - Max Dexheimer, Rhinehessen

They start at 7 p.m.

Price per person €49, including all wines, food and entertainment

Make reservations by mailing

or calling + 49 (0)40/822 55-510.


We can offer rustic tables, warm lighting and the best wines as far as the eye can see. It's not just Nienstedt folk who meet up in the Kleines Jacob wine bar for a glass or two, with or without a piece of tarte flambé. Located opposite Louis C. Jacob, the atmosphere's cosy and inviting. It's the best time to come when the wine's ready to sup from the glass and our chefs are busying themselves in the open-plan kitchen. Drop in for a sundowner, after visiting the theatre, to meet up with all the family, or with your favourite people.


Dominik Kirchhoff has been part of the Jacob family since 2008 and is a connoisseur of wine. He took a peak behind the scenes at Pfennig Vineyard in Gau-Bickelheim and trained to be a sommelier at the German Wine and Sommelier School.


Kolin Kröger-Heyden's craft was nurtured in the Jacob family. He learnt his trade from Thomas Martin in his award-winning kitchen, before being promoted from commis de cuisine to chef tournant at CARLS. He's been hard at work since April 2014 managing the kitchen in the wine bar.


Lars Mählmann comes from Bremen and as a trained chef and waiter knows exactly what hospitality means. He developed his instinct for Jacob flair at CARLS, next to the Elbphilharmonie. He focuses particularly on wine and ensuring our guests are happy.


"I love working in the wine bar - and that's our guests sense from the laid-back atmosphere"

Dominik Kirchhoff and Lars Möhlmann.


Kleines Jacob Wine bar

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You can find Kleines Jacob wine bar in the most attractive part of Hamburg. Because a Hamburg business steeped in tradition does of course require a befitting address. Situated on the world-famous Elbchaussee, our wine bar in Nienstedten isn’t just very attractive, it's also easy to get to.


Take S-bahn 1 towards Blankenese /Wedel and get out at the Hochkamp stop. It's about 15 minutes' walk from there.


Take express bus 36, or route 286 to the Sieberlingstrasse stop, from there it's about 100 m to our bar.


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